Tuesday, June 23, 2009


More On Grand Cayman!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I surprised Duchess with a week in Grand Cayman in September for our 15th anniversary.

Now the fun begins......airlines.....This is possibly the most stupid use of computers I can imagine. The engines some of these sites use must be Model-Ts. I have so-far found Cayman Airlines most reasonable at about $430 per person, round-trip and non-stop from Tampa! I checked American airlines as a comparison and one of the options was a two-stop out of Tampa to Dallas Fort Worth, then back to Miami and then to Grand Cayman.....three airplanes and a total of 9 hours with a ticket price about $30 higher than the Cayman Air tickets. The Cayman flight is about an hour plus.

Also, must rent a car, and of course drive it on the LEFT side of the road. I am sure the driving part will be little trouble. However, the turning part is going to tax me for a few turns at least. Finding nice restaurant suggestions from several folks.

Trips are fun.....particularly flying. I prefer the motor home, but the bridge to Grand Cayman, over Cuba, has not been completed as of this writing.


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