Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Misc....Food...Thoughts, etc.

This point in the blog...which, of course, does not match the current location of Duchess and I (We're about 5 days ahead of my blogging...) Provides a switch and a chance to comment on things.

NEXT UP: Jackson, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons.....all-in-one! Grand indeed!!!!!

First though the Yellowstone to Jackson trip which took one short day, but provided lots of interesting views, experiences, pics, etc.

Food....I'll be posting pics of two faves in Jackson, WY......Dornan's....where one sits on a rooftop platform and views the Tetons (French for.....er, Breast) while embibing in marvelous local brews (I once again found the lovely heavy Moose Drool) and their fantastic pizza! The other, Gun Barrel Restaurant and Pub....We dined on a quite unusual combo of Elk Chops; Bison Prime Rib, and Venison Bratwurst! YUM!

Well, there it is folks a bit of a teaser.....stand by for lots of pics and stories this evening.....we're in Las Vegas......WELL, actually Las Vegas, New Mexico! and I have a couple of hours, and a fine new Vodka......44 North....made in Oregon and flavored of Huckleberry! On-the-rocks is F-I-N-E!

Later folks.


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