Sunday, June 07, 2009


Jackson, WY to Vernal, UT

The section of our Grand Tour that took us from Jackson, WY to Vernal, UT is one of those "you have to go somewhere else before you can get to the goal" type days. We left the Tetons, Jackson, et al and were bound for Rocky Mountain National Park. The trip was too long for a single day, so we made a mid-point stop. The supposed driving day became much more as storms crossed our path...
Along a lake we passed this building resembling some sort of ship...
Then the final piece...about 50 miles North of Vernal. One of those signs of a truck going downhill...with an attached description: "9% Grade next ten miles with 10 switchbacks" Yoicks! I had seen lots of 5%-6% and even 7% grades. NEVER a 9%. Then throw in a set of 10 switchbacks???
It was all the sign proclaimed. I used low gear for much of the descent, and also my brakes. Both transmission and brakes were HOT and screaming by the time I got to the bottom. Whew.....


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