Wednesday, June 17, 2009




That is our odometer mileage total as Roadhouse backs into its home port. Our trip is finished (while the posts, pics are not!).....

There is a lot more to post....a lot to discuss, and now plans for work on the tired bus and rest for its tired occupants.....however, there was a sadness about seeing our trip end. It would have taken little to turn us around and send us into the Blue Ridge or Northeast!

More on that later. For now....collecting my pics and thoughts for final posts. Great night's sleep last night which had been much needed as our last two road days were in Jacksonville with Little Duke and we partied a bit too much.

Diet time kiddies!

Duchess off to water aerobics this morning, which she missed perhaps as much as anything here at home. I'm unloading.

Cats CJ & Jackie have returned to normal in the house in a matter of minutes.

More later folks!


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