Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Good Food & The Arches are NOT Mickey D's

I mentioned in an earlier post some of the foods of Jackson, WY.

An up-scale dinner was ours at The Gun Barrel....A combo of Elk chops, Buffalo prime rib, and Venison Bratwurst! A fine meal and served in a restaurant entirely decorated by huge wood beams. Great place.
Outside Jackson, just North of the airport was Dornan's. A combination clothes shop, fine wine store, and restaurant/bar. The restaurant has two stories...the upper one a deck on the roof in full view of the Grand Tetons. The fare? Excellent pizza with the nice crispy crust of home-made!
Not a restaurant, but the city square in Jackson has elk-antler arches at all four corners.
We really enjoyed Jackson, and could spend more time spite of the most-expensive campground to date.


That's awsome... what a great adventure!
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