Monday, May 25, 2009


Yellowstone, Our Arrival

Good Decision!

We stayed away from Yellowstone because of the holiday weekend. This was the line of traffic...mostly RVs, etc. leaving the Yellowstone area as we drove in.
We're at Grizzly Yellowstone RV Resort. Great place with friendly folks who really try to make your welcome outstanding!
I am working on a review of our camp spots in condensed form to send to the rating companies. Their input to us has been great.


Hi Duke:

My name is Thomas Zeng ( I wonder whether you are finding it hard to manuver the mountain roads in YS and Grand Teton. Are you able safely get to scenic spots in your bus-like RV? The reason I'm asking is because I am trying decide b/w RV or motels for Aug trip to YS.

Appreciate your experience.

Thomas....We are traveling in a 33 ft class A motorhome with a 1999 Suzuki Vitara jeep/type 2 door towed behind.

The jeep is our usual vehicle for the mountains, however, we took our motorhome from West Yellowstone south out of the park and it was fine....

There are steep climbs, but a motorhome is much preferable as you have a "home" on board.

We had a fine stay at Grizzly Yellowstone RV Park in West Yellowstone; and a fine stay at Virginian RV Park in Jackson, WY....(Virginian is Costly!)

If you are in a class C you will find you can go anywhere in the loops of the park!

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