Thursday, May 07, 2009


Westward Ho! - South Dakota To Billings, Montana

Wednesday, May 6 - Hill City, SD to Billings, MT.

Today we cross out of South Dakota, then cut through the NE corner of Wyoming, and land in Billings, Montana. We leave the "hills" in which we have been located for several days....
Hills that are beautiful, and for we Floridians, quite sizable....But then on the horizon, a dark line of snow-capped mountains...STILL 40 MILES AWAY!
30 miles later the mountains loom as majestic peaks and in many places they reach to the clouds.
It was a day of climbing and dropping in altitude as we ran up and down the foothills of the mountains, and dropped into Billings. It rained on and off all night.

We are at Yellowstone River RV Park, and this morning I looked out the window and saw our neighbor is towing exactly the same Suzuki Vitara...except in a different we pull.


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