Monday, May 11, 2009


Spokane, Washington Thoughts & Comments

Spokane gave us marvelous feelings, touched by a couple of negatives. Lodge 238 is actually called Greater Spokane as it is a combination of the old Spokane Lodge and Spokane Valley Lodge. It is located atop a hill, and their pin (I got one for you Tony) shows the Lodge and names it the Lodge on a hill.
The view from their lounge is one of mountains across the valley. Lovely.
More important than looks, however, is the friendliness of the Lodge. Duchess and I visited with the Lodge Exalted Ruler, spent a good bit of time with the Secretary, and got to know many others in just two visits. We completed the visit with Mother's Day Champagne brunch with more than 120 folks attending.

The negative in Spokane? The drivers. They were, by far, the most inconsiderate, and aggressive drivers we have seen on the trip.


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