Saturday, May 30, 2009


Really Hot Mud & Battery Acid!

Two sites provide looks at unusual ground eruptions. This is called mud volcano, and is the result of an explosion many years ago which left this mud pool bubbling angrily...
Nearby the mud is Dragon's Mouth...a deep tunnel choked with water. Pressure of gases behind the water produces eruptions with deep low rumbles similar to what we all perceive to be dragon's roars. These are accompanied by a wave of water driven out of the pool and running downhill. The requisite sulfur smell is horrible at times.
This deep cauldron is water in evidence, just a deep hole and erupting gases.
Located at the same site called Sulfur Springs is this deep green pool, looking for all the world like pea soup. In fact it is incredible acidic...just one point away from battery acid.Interesting places, as long as the wind is blowing away from you!


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