Sunday, May 17, 2009


A Rain Forest?????

There is but a single rain forest in North America. It is located along the coast in lower Washington State. The drive of about 12 miles to the forest was marvelous. A Mountain stream.
All the creeks and rivers were lined with flotsam from the Spring torrents as snow melted on the mountains above. When the water recede, the flotsam remains.
The Hoh Rain Forest is accessed by a drive lined with moss-covered EVERYTHING! The moss grew on trees, bushes, logs, rocks, etc.
Stumps had coats of several inches of moss.
This dead branch wears a huge blanket of moss...and then ferns begin to take root in the moss.
We wished we had more time to explore this area. That happens a lot. Perhaps our next trip needs to be for 6 months...not two!


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