Sunday, May 24, 2009


Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello, Idaho - Memorial Day Weekend.

We're, as I stated earlier, down for the Holiday. In Pocatello we visited the local Elks Lodge...which amazingly is closed Sat-Sun-Mon for the holiday. Completely closed!
Pocatello is home to Idaho State...
We took a tour into the mountains to see Lava Springs...a hot springs area. It was so commercial as to be unbelievable. We drove on into the mountains to Soda Springs....a small town which hosts this geyser...the drilling of a local created it, and the town has capped it and it blows once per hour, on the hour.
The geyser tops 60 feet when blowing. On the way in we had spotted smoke over the nearby mountain and on the way out this picture as the apparent forest fire had expanded considerably.
The day trip was fun, and we saw a lot. This old homestead spoke of both the hardship of the folks who lived here, and the magnificent views they had as they toiled the prarie.

Things we read in school books, and now we see.


Sorry, we are always closed on Memorial Day Weekend. Very slow weekend around these parts. Everyone is camping.
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