Friday, May 01, 2009


Off to The Badlands!

Our trip begins at Albert Lea, MN....The KOA was empty except for three motor homes and one 5th wheel camper. Early in their year. We arrived May 30th...they opened May 30th! That is our "RoadHouse" to the right.
This is a view of the highway in Minnesota...
This is a view of the road in South Dakota...

A picture as we crossed into the Badlands headed for our KOA located outside Interior, SD.
We arrived in the Badlands area to stay...Nice place and as deserted as the last campground. BUT, The surrounding view is terrific. Cannot wait until tomorrow to take to the road in "Sideroad Suzie" and tour the area.
By the way we will enjoy 39 degree weather tonight.


UPDATE: Temp actually plunged to 32 degrees with a feels-like of 26 degrees. We're digging in our drawers for swim suits. We'll use them to plug any leaks in the coach!

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