Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Needle/Sylvan Highway

May 4 - Hill City, SD

Off for a road tour. Laundry in the morning, and then we left for Custer State Park. On The way we took Needles/Sylvan Highway. At the top of a climb to near 7,000 feet altitude, is a beautiful, clear and C-O-L-D Lake Sylvan.
This winding, narrow roadway passes by a climbing school where we snapped this silhouette of a climber on a needle.
The famed actual needle's eye. This is in an amazing location with tall needles of rock all around.
There are three tunnels on the Needles Highway. This one beside the Needle's Eye was filled to capacity by a state truck trundling through it at about 2 mph.
"Sideroad Suzie", our little Suzuki Jeep almost fills a 2nd tunnel lower on the highway.
There were multiple reasons signs warned against driving motor homes on the Needles Highway. This shot of a 180 degree turn while climbing at a steep rate shows the tightness of the road.There were many such turns, and often one could see both the road above and below them at the same time. A beautiful and exciting drive.


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