Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mt. Hood #2

Duchess and I wanted to see more, so we bought tickets on the ski lift from our 6,000 foot level up to above 7,000 feet. This is the view as we begin the climb.
To get to and from the lift we walked in 6 inches of soft snow in our regular shoes for about 200 yards each way. That was a challenge as I had on flat-soled shoes, and Duchess was in clogs. This view shows the top of our lift, and then from there a further lift can take you up to the 8,000 foot level. You can spot it st the right of this picture of the peak of Mt. Hood....12,000 feet high.
On the way down I snapped a picture of the panorama before us. The long grey area is the roof of the 4 story lodge...the only part visible from above!
The weather was clear and sunny....but it was still 50 degrees with 25-30 mph winds on the ski lift. I had to place my jacket hood over my fedora to keep it on my head. It was a beautiful ride and something to see at least once.

Thanks to our friend Peggy who braved the trip in her electric wheelchair so we had the chance to see Timberline Lodge.


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