Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mt. Hood #1

Mt. Hood & Timberline Lodge....

Located 6,000 feet plus up the 12,000 foot mountain, folks ski from this lodge year around. In May the drifted snow against the lodge is still up to the 3rd story. The entryway is a steel quonset inserted about 70 feet out from the building to keep access open.
Built in the late 30s, the place is 4 floors of massive stone and beam construction. From the THIRD STORY RESTAURANT one looks out as a skier slides by at your level!
The huge center stone column hides fireplaces. Three per floor, on two floors.
The beams at the top are roughly 18 to 20 inches square. The supports thick steel straps. This shot is, once again, from the 3rd floor restaurant.
Across the open restaurant is a bar, facing roof shingles.
The place is amazing to say the least. Oh, and the food was excellent as well.


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