Monday, May 04, 2009


Hill City - Crazy Horse Memorial

May 3rd, our 13th day on the road....

1st Picture is of our fellow-travelers; On the TV is BlackJackie (She is young, and was Melvin when we picked her up at the pet shop...then we named her BlackJack for obvious reasons). Then the vet re-named HER BlackJackie...the pet store had the sex wrong! and on the dash is CJ, short for Calvin James (You don't wanna know!) our 14 year old. They lie here often, and CJ even travels there.
The road out of The Badlands. We hated to leave as there is much more we could explore.
long show this is E-A-R-L-Y Spring up here, we observed a lot of snow patches still remaining.
We began today our drive into the mountains around Hill City, located in the middle of a number of tourist attractions. The bus showed it will struggle a bit in the Rockies! We arrived at our campground for the next few days, Rafter J Bar Resort just South of town. Then, with a good bit of day left we headed off to the Crazy Horse Memorial.
I knew little of the story of this site but learned a good bit about how the Lakota Sioux commissioned its construction. You can explore the Crazy Horse website RIGHT HERE!

Today, we'll be off to Rushmore and Jewel Cave. It was 39 degrees last night, and will be low 60s today.


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