Sunday, May 17, 2009


Half Way....

Actually we'll not be half way through our trip until Tuesday. However, the trip has taken us as far West and North as we'll be going. We are now in Portland and with friensds from Tampa who moved here. They'll be featured in a future story of the next couple days.

LOTS of good times here, and lots of good pics as well (to come tomorrow or next day.)

We are excited about the whole trip, which is a bit amazing, given 30 days on the road. We are comfortable in "Roadhouse" and see no reason, except a few medical ones, to end this saga in 60 days. We'd like to see M-U-C-H more of each and every place we've visited.

Of course, as one would expect, there are problems and concerns. Some mundane (The toilet is broken and will be replaced Wednesday at a Camping World); some more health concerns when both have had problems of one kind or another...fortunately none threatening the trip.

We soon depart for I-84 East toward our next major destination....Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons & Yellowstone NP. Excited about those places. To follow: Salt Lake City; Las Vegas; Grand Canyon; Carlsbad Caverns; & Houston.

Next: pics of Portland and some nice things we did.


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