Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Geysers & Hot Springs & Waterfalls - Monday

On our Monday short visit we encountered Gibbon Falls. The falls probably drop about 70-100 feet, and in the Spring they are roaring. The entire river is a series of rapids, and the noise is awesome.
We visited several hot springs areas. We are talking scalding hot here folks. People have died from accidently stepping/falling into them. Warning signs are everywhere. This is a small seeping spring. The temperatures and mineral richness is evident by the growth around the spring, and the colorful mineral deposits. In addition the flowing water produce algea growth, even in places where snow is evident.
The springs come in all forms. Here a small circular one feeds a wide draining area with the algae and mineral deposits in full evidence.
In Norris Geyser Basin there are a number of geysers...if you wish to walk a mile or so. This particular one is 28 feet deep, bubbling, steaming, and appears green. The color is an amalgam of yellow mineral deposits on the walls of the geyser hole, and the blue of reflected light from the sky.
The actual water is crystal clear....hard to see from most viewpoints as the reflected light and steam cloud your view.

I am sure this 1st short visit is nothing but whetting our appetite for the rest of Yellowstone.


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