Saturday, May 23, 2009


Gas Prices....

They have been literally all over the we cross the map.

We have paid as high as $2.59 for regular unleaded. Currently, in Pocatello, ID, the price is $2.21 per gallon.

Unusual things.....In Oregon you are NOT allowed to pump your own gas. In some places only cash or debit cards can be actual credit cards.

Strange some places mid-grade unleaded is 10 cents cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded. (HUH???)

Diesel prices have changed. Last year diesel was 20 to 40 cents per gallon higher than regular unleaded. Out here, at least, the diesel is flirting with staying even with regular unleaded.

I will comment that last Summer's Blue Ridge tour at $3.80 to $4.08 per gallon has made this trip seem painless! I actually get almost twice as far per dollar....well, not actually as the Blue Ridge is "hills" as compared with our currently rugged ups and downs in the mountains of the West.

Monday (after a layover in Pocatello, ID to avoid the Memorial Day crowd) we will be climbing into the area of the Continental Divide as it meanders through Yellowstone Park. We'll stay in West Yellowstone, MT...and drive "Sideroad Suzie" thru the park.


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