Friday, May 29, 2009


Firehole Canyon & Falls

While we had prepared ourselves for the Yellowstone visit, and made plans for things to see, there are so many, many things in the park that each day is an adventure into finding new or additional things to see and do. Firehole Canyon and Falls, and Lake, and River fell into that category. We entered the park from the West entrance...out of the city of West Yellowstone. The city is actually in Montana. This was our day for the "Grand Loop", also known as the South Loop.

As we entered the Grand Loop we passed this testament to the fact buffalo are no longer an endangered species. They roam Yellowstone by the hundreds and hundreds.
We came to a sign for "Firehole Canyon"....and, of course, had to go explore. The road was narrow and winding along the Firehole River.
The river was a torrent of rapids and boiling water...all moving, as were all park rivers, at a high speed as they tried to accommodate the Spring run off.
Deep into the two mile loop road we spotted the true reason for the road...Firehole Falls. It was a beautiful site, one not easily shown in a photo as cliff walls reached high above us on both sides of the river, and my camera was not capable of capturing the entire vista.
This little jaunt along a very narrow road was fun in Sideroad Suzie....Later on you'll read how it became much more challenging to us in a second trip thru Firehole Canyon.


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