Monday, May 11, 2009


Ellensburg, WA - Nice Side Trip!

We drove across part of Washington on I-90. Part of the trip was beside the Columbia River. We stopped at this overview. Perspective is brought into focus when you realize the small bridge in the background is actually the I-90 four-lane bridge.
At the overview, these bright flowers.Once at Ellensburg, we set up camp and then drove North into the Cascades as a side trip. We were in and out of the rain amid the clouds and sharp mountain slopes. This roaring creek ran alongside the road.

Apple trees were in full boom.
You won't see this in most of our country! We saw this little stand, operated by Miller Farms, and the 'Open" sign. We stopped for the advertised fresh broccoli, and found the stand unattended. Inside the doorless stand were all sorts of honeys, salsa, the broccoli, and lots more...along with a sign that said they operated on the honor system....We bought fresh garden onions and asparagus, and placed our money inside the plaster hen cokie jar sitting on the counter. What a refreshing concept. People trusting people.

The trip was 50 miles each way and the view in each direction completely different.

The only downer today is the KOA in Ellensburg which is the worst we have used. Our view out the front of the coach is of a junk pile. Ugh!


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