Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ellensburg to Bremerton, WA

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was delayed a day as Duchess & I took a one-day sabatical to rest, relax and prepare for the 2nd half of our journey.

Ellensburg to Bremerton was a mile post of sorts as it marked the apparent far-point on our journey. We arrived through the last range of mountains (we thought) before the coast. There was lots of snow.
Twin bridges across a neck of water, part of Puget Sound area, greeted us...
I had forgotten Bremerton was a mothball fleet base. Our road passed right by three aircraft carriers....61, 62 & 64 for the folks who might know which ships they are. I'll try to look it up later today.
Bremerton Elks Lodge is situated overlooking Puget Sound, and to-the-West are the Olympic peak rising to 10,000 feet. I'll add pics of the view from the Lodge in my next post. This is the entrance to the Lodge property which contains 23 RV sites, and parking for more than 100 cars!
Spring is beginning here and flowers are this beautiful tree. We spent one afternoon with a number of the Bremerton Lodge RVers....Their group includes about 100 RVs of all kinds, and they gather once a month at some site in this area. Interesting folks many of whom have made sojourns like ours.

The people were friendly, and the Lodge and its view lovely. One item to peak your interest.....I'll send a photo in a separate post of a lady who works in the office of the Lodge....and both Duchess & I thought the resemblance to one of our members was just like two sisters!


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