Saturday, May 09, 2009


Electric City; Grand Coulee; Coulee Dam....Huh!!!

We took a day off from travel for a) resting a bit; and b) a side trip to Grand Coulee Dam...
The sign is inside the Visitor's Center at the dam. We watched the movie, and toured the displays. This is a pic of the dam from outside the tourist center...from below the dam.
This is a pic from above the dam...showing the breadth of the dam (just under a mile!)
This is a pic from above the dam and up the road a mile or so. It is an absolutely awesome site.
Enroute back from our sojourn we spotted this really neat pattern in the fields of the level land above the dam's location.
The names in the title are the three small communities near the dam....all in a remote location, many miles from anywhere else.

We did have an interesting small lunch in a diner in Grand Coulee, Coulee Dam is below the dam, and I suspect if the dam failed, it would be in trouble. Electric City is nearby and relates more to the power which is sent both North and South of the dam by high tension lines.

Interesting to see.....simply because it produces so very much electric power.


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