Friday, May 29, 2009



Sorry for the delays in posting. Somewhat the fault of exhaustion....somewhat the fault of sooooo many pics to edit.

Our two full days in Yellowstone; doing the South or Grand Loop, and the North Loop, were long and involved lots of walking on some places not friendly to get to the objects we sought.

The South Loop took us until 6:30 at night to complete. The North 6pm.
On each we could have spent at least another day or two.

For the two days we shot at least 300 pictures.

I am busy trying to catch up, but the task is made much harder as each new day bring more to see and photograph, and not a lot of time for editing.

Yesterday (Thursday) we traversed the way from Yellowstone to Jackson, along the glorious Grand Tetons. Today, an evening raft cruise along the Snake River, under the shadow of the mighty Tetons. This follows a drive along the base of the Tetons and a visit to the Wildlife Art Museum here in Jackson. (Lesley, we found the item you requested!)

Busy, Busy.....but tomorrow we may take our final day in Jackson as a down day to rest up and post my pics and stories.....then Sunday we begin a harried two-day 850 mile trip to Grand Canyon.

Whew.....We will need to get home just to rest up. But...that being said, we'd not trade these days and these visits for anything. Memories to last a lifetime!


You're in one of our favorite places. We'll be coming WEST to the Grand Canyon by next week... :) - we'll be winding it down by then. Work calls. Even a two-month vacation is done way too fast.
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