Monday, May 18, 2009


Bulletin-Bulletin-Bulletin!!!!!....Well, Not Really!

I am reminded of Steven Wright's famous line......"No matter where you go......There you are!"

Pictured handing yours truly an Elks Pin which states...."Burbank Elks 1497 - CLARK (in a replica of a Clark Bar) Spirit of Elkdom...92-93" (The year John was ER of Burbank Lodge) Is John Clark.....PER, PVP, PDDGER from Burbank Lodge in California. We met completely by accident in our campground in Portland, OR. His RV was across from ours, and he was out swinging a golf club in the grass nearby. I struck up a conversation, and we discovered our common Elks background.

One thing led to another, and he is going to speak to a friend of his whom he is sure knows our own Tampa Lodge PSP Frank Palladini.

Small World syndrome at work!


p.s. The amazing "hair-didn't" I am wearing was courtesy of a 25-35 mph wind which had come up and caused both John and I to drop our main awnings so they were not ripped off.

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