Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bremerton, WA - A Beautiful Lodge...

We spent Monday and Tuesday nights in Bremerton at a lovely spot. The town is built on a series of sharp hills. The Lodge is quite nice.
Along the drive from the Lodge RV park, which holds 23 vehicles....but had only 3 including this lovely example of the trees which have been covered by thick moss. You will see much more of this later when we visit the only rain forest in North America. (Don't forget to see details of any pic, just click on it to expand it.)
A simple RV parking area, but beside beautiful trees, and lots of plants.
Inside the Bremerton Elks Lodge, from the look out at this view of Hood Sound (a part of the Puget Sound area.)In the background and hidden by clouds are the Olympic Mountains. Some peaks in this coastal peninsula area reach to 8,000 feet.
Then in the Lodge office this young lady. Duchess and I immediately saw in her a sister to one Lodge member. Anyone else see it? We, of course, also saw the woman talking and her movements and mannerisms also matched our Lodge member's.
It will be interesting to see if anyone else sees the similarity we did.

Next.....we're off to Sequim, WA at the top of the Olympic peninsula around which we toured.


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