Friday, May 29, 2009


Lower Geyser Basin

On the Grand Loop we came to Lower Geyser Basin. Many of the "geysers" of the park are actually more like springs. Hot, acidic springs. Their beauty is something to stand and look at for long minutes. this is called "Bacteria Mat", and is formed by the hot water flowing over the ground as it escapes the spring. Bright, varied colors abound.
This deep spring feeds the bacteria mat. The water is so very clear, and scalding hot!
A steaming vent. There are lots of these where no water tops the spring, and only steam escapes. Some are quite noisy.
This spring is like a mud hole, bubling thick gooey material, and lined with red from some chemical source. The smell from all of these vents will stay in your nose for a day or more. Sulphur...
The center-piece spring for the Lower Basin is "Paint Pot", a near-mud basin bubbling away with dry vents, and mounds surrounding the pool. As the Spring waters recede the pot dries, and in Summer and Fall turns to huge mounded mud area, many of which burst with a giant pop and then collapse into holes. Each season brings another look to the spring.
There are Lower, Middle and Upper Geyser Basins....We quickly viewed the others, but found much of the same in shape, color....oh, and SMELL!!!


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