Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Bear Country!

Bear Country, while confining animals which I usually oppose, has a quite different approach which has kept them in touch with zoos across the country. They raise the animals semi-wild. Many of them end up in zoos across the country. Others live a fairly-normal life in hundreds of acres of land....each species segregated. I have divided these animals into two posts...1st the animals below, and then above the bears themselves. Here is a redish version of the Arctic Wolf.
Big horn sheep are rare these days, but Bear Country has them in numbers.
As an Elk, I was completely involved in the Elk exhibit. The Elk we photographed were quite beautiful.
Some were laying in the grass, watching us drive by (Bear Country is a drive-through park.
This fellow was enroute to a date with a bucket of water, and not to be denied!


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