Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The Animals Are Here...And In Charge!

Yellowstone animals are hard to find.....NOT!

We took a short drive into the park to get our bearings upon our Monday arrival. Now five miles in we had a long wait while 4 buffalo females, accompanied by their offspring meandered along and on the highway. They were completely unconcerned with our automotive presence.
One short side drive, Riverside Drive, produced a herd of doe Elk. There were also three of them on our side of the river. As with the buffalo, they seemed not to care about our being there.
On our return trip this large buffalo simply walked out into traffic, stood broadside across the center of both lanes, and then slowly gazed at the cars facing him/her from both directions! I am positive he/she knew what they were doing, and enjoyed it.After about 2-3 minutes the beast slowly shuffled off the roadway and resumed consumption of grass.


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