Saturday, May 16, 2009


Along The Coast from Bremerton to Sequim, WA.

The drive from Bremerton to Sequim, WA is, like many drives in this Seattle area, not a straight line. Actually, it is more a series of knots....A bridge out currently sent us on a circuitous drive of about 2 hours more time for the one-hour trip.We utilized Route 106 to Route 101 the actual route around the Olympic Peninsula. which runs along the Sound and is packed with interesting sights. This pic of the winding road also shows prevailing winds effect on some local trees which grow in odd shapes. (Of course the local power company helped shape this tree as they cleared their power lines.
The time of year is right for flowering plants, and the myriad colors were quite evident even through our rain-covered windshield. (The shot also gives you a view of Duke's "Command Center"...the bridge of Roadhouse, complete with GPS, rear camera, CB, etc.)
All along the coastal area we saw boats, and tidal areas and clam diggers.
This mystery we did not solve. Small dark humps of something in the tidal area.
I felt this picture gave a complete look at the coastal area and the waters, homes, docks, etc. Click on it to see detail.

Despite the rain it was a nice day for viewing. We also visited the Hoodsport Winery. OF COURSE we bought obtaining a map of Washington wineries.

Nice Day!


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