Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Onward!....To Madison, WI & Albert Lea, MN Tomorrow!

To the familiar refrain of Duke & Duchess singing in their best voices (not-that-good-really!) "On the road again!" we hit the road tomorrow. This is our traditional departure song.

Our time in Rockford with our daughter and her family was precious...though probably not the most interesting for our readers.

Now we are OFF.....Westward ho the RV!

We'll be on Route I-90 for many miles from here. 1st stop is Madison for the new RV awning. Then off to Albert Lea, MN tomorrow night.

Our schedule is for arrival at the Badlands on Friday night. Then a tour of the Badlands in our beloved little "Sideroad Suzie" on Saturday.

Still to come from Rockford...

I am piecing together a montage of shots of the front yard of our kids home as it bloomed during our stay. I think it will be interesting.

More stories of things there, and Duke's background in Rockford.....I was a Radio-TV Newsman there in the late 60s!!!! Many stories of my favorite city (except Winter!)...

Happy reading folks....and please stay tuned.


UPDATE: Re-reading the above and earlier posts I noticed i did not resolve the tires issue. Turns out we had a bent wheel (minor) and some balance needed. Rotated the bent wheel to inside of rear duals and all is well.

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