Saturday, April 25, 2009


Day 4.5 - Errrrrr

Trips by RV are always fraught with the unexpected. In a way, that is part of the entire travel deal. One had either better expect it, or simply not travel except by plane...yeah right!

I'll be posting the new day's pics soon, but had to post on the troubles one can experience when on-the-road.

Our coach has a few years on it, and thus the parts likewise are some a bit aged. We began the trip knowing this, and our five-year warranty protects us to some extent, however...high wind in our campground in Rockford (Blackhawk Valley Campground) has left us with a partially-shredded big awning. Time for replacement. No Camping World in Rockford. Found one in Madison, WI, just 2 hours away. Actually on our route when we depart next week from Rockford heading West. Awning ordered and will be replaced. Billfold lighter by $1,200...

Also having a bit of trouble with front end. Seems either tires out of balance or front end needs alignment. Had it aligned last Summer. Bummer. Will be having this checked when the new week begins.

Such is life on the road. On the positive side, a recalcitrant water heater which refused to re-ignite once it had heated the water has been fixed. Solution; a small bit of sandpaper on connectors to the unit. Some things do go well when traveling.

Rain came in this morning and we are now planning a fine evening meal of "Duke's Almost-Famous Ribs" and the side dishes. Fun & Food!


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