Friday, April 24, 2009


Day 4 - Terre Haute to Rockford, IL & Family!

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Off from the friends of Terre Haute to our family in Rockford, IL. As we left Terre Haute we spotted this county building which has one of the tallest domes I have seen on such a small building. It was impossible to catch the entire building because of the other structures around it.
On I-39, from Bloomington, IL to Rockford is a flat stretch of road where prevailing winds are evident almost year round. Also evident are two quite large collections of wind-driven generators creating electricity. I am not sure which power company owns them...perhaps Edison out of Chicago.
Our Rockford family (part of them)....from left Duchess, Son-in-law Jeff, granddaughter Jacalyn, Daughter Nancy and Grandson Garrett Paul.
My mental picture of Jacalyn is a blonde four year old sitting on a booster chair at a computer....The reality is a 16 year old Cheerleader who drives and has a boyfriend!
Youngest grandson Ian Scott has an ear infection, and trouble going to sleep, but a Grandfather's touch is always magic.
As I told the family...It was not magic...I just waited until his Tylenol kicked in
and off to sleep city quickly.

Precious moments for a Grandpa!


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