Thursday, April 23, 2009


Day 3 - Brazil, IN & Friends & #762 & #1077

Marvelous Day! Spent with friends, the Halls. A visit to their home and then a drive, a good meal, and visits to two local Elks Lodges. This is a picture of the wall logo outside Greencastle, IN Elks Lodge #1077One thing Duchess and I do on our trips is collect Lodge pins. This is the unique pin for Greencastle Lodge.

We also visited Brazil, IN Lodge #762, however despite meeting some of the friendliest folks so far on our trip, we were unable to collect a pin as they were locked in the Lodge office.
Dogwoods in bloom, as noted in previous stories, and this fine example of a bloom on our friend's tree.The blooms are for all types of trees, dogwood, crab apple, and many more.
A Redbud tree in bloom lovely against the still nude trees.
The Halls have an uninvited guest at the side of their home...a Robin nesting atop their electric meter.
We had a full day, and today, Thursday, we'll hit the highways of Indiana and Illinois as we head for Blackhawk Valley Campground in Rockford, IL and a visit with Daughter Nancy, Son-in-law Jeff and our four lovely grandchilren.

Have a great day!


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