Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Day 2 - Chattanooga to Terre Haute, IN

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Cool morning (for us) at 48 degrees. Off from Chattanooga to Terre Haute, IN to see old friends Dick & Norma Hall for a day or so. Just out side Chattanooga on I-24 one begins the climb up into the Blue Ridge continuation. One climb is 5% for 5 miles to reach Monteagle. "Roadhouse" did the job well for a gas engine.
Across Tennessee and then Kentucky we approached the Ohio River and this magnificent twin span. The river, and all its tributaries in this region are still high. Lots of local land is still underwater.
Now into Indiana, and our approach to the campground is along the winding two-lane roads of this area. Early Dogwood and a few other plants bloom in an otherwise colorless forest of denuded trees. Most, however, as seen in this pic are showing small blooms which will become the Indiana forest of thick-leaved trees.We ended the day with an all-too-short visit to The Halls in their small-town home, and then off to Mario's Mexican Restaurant for a great meal of Mexican origin.

Tomorrow we visit the Halls again, and discuss old times. They stood up with Duchess and i when we married 15 years ago this fall. We were all in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Dick and I were National Staff Officers at the same time. He had a colorful career visiting a number of places and bases while I sat home and wrote the national newsletter for the Department of Marine Safety & Environmental Protection... Known as "Department M"...

The temp this morning at the Terre Haute KOA...37 degrees...a real chill for we Tampanians! HERE IS A LINK TO OUR VISIT TO THIS KOA IN JULY 2007. and THIS IS THE POST AND PICS OF OUR DAY ON THE WATER IN 2007 WITH THE HALLS. No water trip this year as the temps are cold, and the boat still in winter hibernation.


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