Tuesday, April 21, 2009


April 21st - Early Morning Post

Trouble sleeping....1st night on-the-oad, etc.

Random thoughts.

Thanks to Lisbeth for her comment to my last post, and more importantly go see her lovely pics and stories on her site as she and hubby and their young one "Spud" (April) travel about our country and post in both English and Danish. VISIT THEIR SITE HERE...You'll be glad you did!

Cats, C J & Jackie, are relaxing. Jackie, who is less than one year old, has only gone on one short trip with us previously. That was when she was weeks old, and now I am quite sure she does not remember it at all. C J, the mature 14 year old, is an old hand having 10,000 miles or so under his fur. A new trip, following a prolonged stay at home, usually stresses them for the 1st day. We think it is both the vibration of the engine and road and the constant motion of travel. They adapt to travel nicely, and even now (4am) they are prowling. Jackie is learning the bed is verboten! Both explored all the nooks and cracks of the coach. I am sure they will be the subject of pics in coming days as they find cute things to do.

It is raining softly, and we are sitting in a campground just S. of Chattanooga. The temp is plunging (for us) to high 40s, and our furnace is set just in case. The noise from nearby I-75 is constant with the 24 hour per day traffic of trucks and cars going North and South.

Well, time for this driver to hit the sack again, after 45 minutes of awake time. Tomorrow, as previously noted, we travel North to Terre Haute, IN. The morning will bring a turn onto I-24 and the climb into the mountains which will test a bit our "Roadhouse" (33 foot Damon Challenger) which is, of course, pulling "Side Road Suzie" now loaded with our golf clubs as we plan to play a round or two on this trip...testing Duchess' new-found skills.

Good night all!


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