Monday, April 20, 2009


April 20th - Tampa to Chattanooga (Almost!)

Day 1 of a planned two-month trip visiting Indiana, Illinois, and then off to the West for many stops....all to be enumerated as we travel.

Today began with a phone call to friend Lesley at 7:30am as we left Tampa, and began the treck North on I-75. Our purpose in calling??? To sing our traditional song for a day-of-departure....Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again!"

The difference is, 1st we cannot sing, and second, we follow the edict of our good friend Richard Hall who claims almost all people know the first 2 lines of any popular song...but no more. Well...for Ms. Lesley we made up the 3rd and 4th lines.

We cleared Florida in 3 hours 45 minutes!

Then Georgia......there there are two things never changing! 1. The fact that I-75 in Georgia has been under construction since I moved to Florida from 1978! 2nd, The least every 3rd one of which must be about a strip joint or "adult fun center"....
Along the roads of N. Georgia the Dogwood is in bloom.
We approach Chatanooga, and land for the night. We're in the process of buttoning up as the temps have seriously dropped since our arrival and the passage of a cold front during the day. Lots of blankets tonight for we "softies" of the South.
Tomorrow, off to Terre Haute, IN to meet with the couple who stood up with Duchess and I at our marriage 15 years ago this coming October.

More for a hot cup of tea, some warm PJs and a good book!


Have a GREAT trip!
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