Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Nother Trip....Nother Trip Mode!

This is an event we have wished for over at least three or four years.

We are going to depart next Sunday on a one-week houseboat trip. We launch at DeLand, Florida from Holly Hills Marina. We will be on a 45 foot houseboat. Duchess and I will be joined by a couple from our Elks Lodge and we will boat-fish-enjoy for our week which we actually had to book a year-plus in advance.

The two-bedroom, fully-equipt vessel will be ours for a 30-40 mile trip on the St. John's River. We tonight planned some menu items, and listed what we need to take for the successful voyage.

Our trip will begin Sunday with a class which will educate us to the controls and quirks of our vessel. I am to be Captain......after all I am a former Coxswain in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Duchess and I had a 27 foot flybridge sportfisher. Now a larger vessel, but in MUCH calmer waters.

I'll post pics as we go......

Bon Voyage!


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