Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Not In The Motor Home!

Our annual trip to Madeira Beach, FL....located just 40 miles from the old homestead in Tampa. We spent two weeks here each fall...always about the time the temperatures begin to moderate and we find it comfortable in temps ranging from lows of mid 60s to highs of low 80s. Here's a view from the balcony of our unit.

We have watched for years as this old wiley crane stalks fishermen on the beach. He walks up slowly on his spindly legs and the fishermen have learned to watch as he will, given a chance, dive into the bait bucket and steal a snack. Most of the fishermen have learned when they catch a small fish, or their bait dies they toss the morsel to the crane who then simply stands there waiting for more.

Sunset. Walkers. A boat crossing the sun's path. a beautiful sky. This is why we come here....

Madeira is one of the nicest places on Florida's West Coast. We'll probably continue to come here long after we're unable to continue in the motor home. This marks our 18th year in a row at "Mad Beach."


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