Saturday, August 02, 2008


JULY Trip....Finally

Duchess knows as soon as we hit the road...well, at least within the 1st half hour or so...I'll burst forth in my own version of "Onn The Road Again!" While I might not have a fine voice it always causes us both to burst into a large smile...primarily because we love the highway.
This trip is to the Blue Ridge, and we spent our 1st night in Jacksonville staying at one of our regular camp spots, Flamingo Lakes Resort. Next night, a major 480 miles North to Fancy Gap, VA & the Fancy Gap, KOA. Love this place and we stayed here another three nights later in our tour.
Third night out was Natural Bridge KOA, just 50 miles north of Roakoke. This young fellow entertained. He and his girlfriend travel and stay at campgrounds where they entertain, I assume for a place to stay and some added gas money. He was very Dylan, if you know what I mean!
We find little wineries along our path and this one was near Natural Bridge. Some we visit repeatedly, some...this one included, once is enough!
Tomorrow I'll lay out our trip plans, and begin our tour down the Blue Ridge Parkway!


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