Sunday, August 03, 2008


Blue Ridge Parkway - Mile 0 to 100

Our goal this trip? Begin at Mile Marker 0 on the Parkway (at the South end of Skyline Drive which is the first 109 miles from Front Royal South, which we traveled last year) and cover all 470 miles or so of the primary BRP...there are numerous sidetrips, particularly in North Carolina. I call this picture "On A Clear Day" because one of our days on the Parkway was absolutely clear. The others ranged from hazy to really socked in. To accomplish the entire trip we set "basecamps" along the way. Our first portion was driven out of Natural Bridge KOA. Then we spent a day driving to Fancy Gap, VA where we set up for three days. Our final Blue Ridge basecamp was Asheville East KOA for three more days.
The shot above was a leaning rock formation actually located in one of the many pull-offs or overlooks along the Parkway. That picture and the flowers below are both for viewing pleasure and to indicate that while in the Parkway one must look close...and far; in front and behind you to catch all the marvelous things to see.
I just had to snap this shot of our tow vehicle (known to RVers as "Toads") which we affectionately named "Sideroad Suzie". She is a 99 Suzuki Vitara, jeep-type. We've modified her to have a hard this picture the front half of the hardtop is off to enjoy the fresh cool air and the views. What a picture....Suzie, a great view and my lovely Duchess on the other side of the car. Life is Good!
The picture below is one of the many babbling brooks and waterfalls of all sizes which tumble down the mountainside. This one had about 15 falls, all small, and they tumbled over the rocks with a slight murmur.
Next up will be section two of the Parkway from Roanoke to Fancy Gap. Unfortunately it is probably the least-interesting portion of the Parkway with its Northern end almost like driving a country road.


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How many commentators does "the Duke" ban because he doesn't like inconvenient truths?
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