Saturday, February 23, 2008


Sunset At Key West - An Event

Well, it was two hours til sunset and we were tired of walking/riding the trolley...
S-o-o-o-o-o......Off to.......
Hogs Breath is an experience. We loaded up with a pair of 17 oz drinks, and headed off to see the sunset and the crowds and entertainment.....this fellow's songs were from the was he!
No where but Key West at sunset could you snap a picture of a sword swallower plying his trade and a departing cruise ship (Enchantment of The Seas) all in one picture! The crowds were not too large, and every square in the entire area had some form of entertainment, each vying with the other for crowds and money!
It was all it was said to are most West Florida sunsets! & NO, not in nearing 30 years here have I ever witnessed the "Green Flash" rumored to show up...
It was a fine time.....and then we walked to dinner at Kellys....that will be the next story!


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