Friday, February 22, 2008


Key West - Trip Down

NOTE: Click on the pictures to see full-sized view!

THE KEYS! Everyone knows the meaning. Seems impossible that Duke has lived in Florida for 29 years & this is my 1st Trip There! Sheltered life, I guess. The sign shows the Florida Turnpike where we drove South to famous Route 1. The 2nd pic shows a typical rainy time as we drove...taking care of my new wash job on the car and RV.

Enroute to the keys I discovered several misconceptions in my knowledge of the trip down. 1st; The major part of the trip is actually land-based and much of the Northern part thru swampy coastal lowlands. 2nd; I thought the bridges were twin spans of two lanes in each direction. Wrong! The picture above shows the span on which we drove...a single lane each way...and to the right the older original bridge which in many places is used for walking/biking/fishing. In others, such as this stretch, the old bridge has been dropped across channels, thus abandoning the rest of the span. Rusted old railings are collapsing. The spans will eventually collapse, but concrete has a long life!

We spent our 1st night downtown and I did not take pics. Some more revelations. Parking meters are everywhere and cost $.25 PER 10 MINUTES! Thus $1.50 per hour. Steep. We ate a much-overpriced meal at Conch Republic at Greene and Elizabeth Streets. Drink apiece at the bar....$15 w/tip. Small dinner of some appetizers and a split meal of stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon (barely adequate meal in taste and quality) topped $85 and we had to wait a long time for it. The view was lovely along the boat dock.

More pics of Boyd's campground & downtown after today's tour.


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