Saturday, February 23, 2008


Key West - Day Two - Downtown

You know you're there when you arrive at.....Mile Marker "0"

Soon enough you'll find the truth about transportation here. Electric! Electric scooters, some gas scooters, electric cars for two-four-six passengers, etc. Small streets make them a natural. There are free parking slots for scooters/bikes/electric cars. All others pay A LOT! $.25 per 10 minutes at meters....$25 per day in the parking garage.

Mallory Square, trolley stop, shops, etc.
Ate lunch at "Red Fish Blue Fish....per their sign some here are only half-lit also.....some, particularly in the afternoon are fully lit if you know what I mean! Below, the hen and chicks roamed the restaurant (as they do most here) picking scraps which many threw to them. The chickens are all over Key West.
I'll post two more today.....One on the sunset area and activities, and one on our dinner spot......think Top Gun!


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