Saturday, February 23, 2008


Kelly's Restaurant......Cue The Top Gun Theme!!!

This restaurant is just one block off Duval, on Whiteside. It is named for and owned by Kelly McGillis, the striking blonde from "Top Gun".....The place is all open air, not unusual for Key West, but the entire eating area is outside as shown here... Eating what proved to be our best meal so far among palms and flowers beneath the starry sky!
Did this guy write a book or two. NOPE! He is me.....Sandra snapped this one. YES, I had had two "Havana Red Ales"!!!
The Bar is called Kelly's Hanger....meals & drinks include "Kelly's Ceaser", "The Top Gun", and "Kelly's Cosmo". The story from our trolley driver is no one would today recognize the lovely woman from the movie.....and not only has she deteriorated a LOT, but also she has been banned from her own restaurant/bar for conduct unbecoming a lady!
YES....It is one of Ton Cruise' jackets from the movie. It is in a glass case above the bar. I knew he was small, but I have a grandson going on 12 who could not come close to getting into this little thing!


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