Wednesday, January 02, 2008


A New Year; New Opportunities; New Anticipation!

2008 blossoms as we sit back, recover from the frenetic pace of the Holidays, and begin serious planning for the year ahead.

I am suddenly quite motivated. Personal decisions have freed me from some conflicts. I was anticipating an election in my club and seeking an office which would have required a great deal of time. While the job needs some attention to bring it into the computer age, I have decided not to make that move this year.

Thus, I am FREE! We can go as much as we like, and WE LIKE!

Names of places beckon: Quartzsite, Tetons, Grand Canyon, all of Oregon, Alaska, all possibly between now and mid-Summer. Then a late-Summer, Fall trip to explore the lovely New England area, and perhaps revisit the Adirondacks.

We love the open road. We also love the planning. This year we will have the time to explore with little time spent accountable to others for specific dates! No rush to complete that last 1,200 miles for a wedding, birth, etc.

We are in full anticipation!

We love retirement, and the freedom to roam. You get the stories and pictures.....

Oh, and I yesterday (Yes, New Years Day!) reached the ripe old age of 65. Party on!


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