Saturday, December 22, 2007


GPS - Lots of Uses!

My GPS is a valued assistant in our travels in our 33 foot motorhome "Roadhouse". The thing was a gift from Duchess last birthday....It has been widely used since. Actually Son-in-law Lance and his father (just bought a motorhome as well) received theirs for Christmas. We all got the Garmin C330 model.

Not only are they fairly user-friendly, but they are easy to operate from the beginning.

Instapundit, Professor Glenn Reynolds, has just dived in as he explains...

Yes, Glenn, they are quite popular, and in a motorhome, on the road, even more valuable. One thing I stumbled upon by accident....there are "ad-ons" to your memory system with such things as a list of locations for places you visit. I have, for instance, added on a small memory clip downloaded from the net for Flying J Service Stations. For RVers they are keen. Not only do they have among the best prices, but also they issue you a user card which insures an added discount when used with your credit purchase. However, the real deal for RVers at Flying J is a set of two or three RV-friendly pull throughs. Room for the RV & your towed vehicle. They also have water, a sewer dump station and those long-handled windshield washers and sqeegees for RVs.

Using my GPS I simply choose the addon setting and the stations are located in order by distance from your current location....and a convenient arrow indicating direction.

There are numbers of other listings available as well...depending upon your travel preferences.

My GPS rarely gets a rest. On our trip to the beach two weeks ago I had the unit in our car, and when the urge to see a movie hit we simply chose entertainment and the movie theaters were there for us. Same for restaurants, malls, etc.

They are marvelous devices. My lone regret is I did not wait for the models such as Glenn has which give you traffic hints.

GPS.....I had my first when we owned "Reality" our flybridge sportfisher. By today's standards it was quite rustic. It worked fairly well as long as you plotted and entered a waypoint for yourself. Then, of course, one had to know enough about the area to insure there was no land between you and "Point A"...the GPS had no idea of water or land....just locations!

Love those toys.....wonder what Santa may bring this year!

Yep! I am still a kid.

Be 65 years young on January 1st!


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