Tuesday, November 20, 2007


From Natchez to....Er....Dickinson, TX????

Seems I am doing most of these in segments rather than by a single location...

Continuing in that vein, This is a picture of the River View Campground in Natchez...That's our "RoadHouse" at the right of the line of RVs.Two Mississippi river boats pass just South of the Natchez bridge...note the low fall water level with sandbars showing.
We crossed Louisiana and dropped off I-10 at Rt. 146 in Texas heading across to Dickinson. This bridge was quite unique.
Once across the bridge, at 4 in the afternoon, we dropped into this fog. Visibility dropped to as low as a half-block, and then cleared ten miles later as we approached our kids place.

Now in Dickinson for a week, I'll be posting as we see things....


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