Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Madeira Beach - Kiteboarding!

No, No.....It is not Duke or Duchess!

This is Chris, future son-in-law of good friends at our resort...where we have joined them fro the past 17 years!

The young man....and his future bride...kiteboard often. The thing must be fun, but I am sure it is so very, very physically demanding. Way beyond my capabilities at mid-60s.

The day was quite breezy, and the waves running high for West Coast Florida....where we usually find two footers normal . These were about 4-5 feet.

Fun to watch, and he sure scared some local surfers as he approached them, then lifted off the water and soared over their heads.

"Mad Beach" as Madeira Beach is known, is home to the few West Coast surfers around, and they flock to the beach when the waves rise. The times are infrequent.

The view, by the way, was from my balcony.


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