Monday, September 03, 2007


New Posts Coming.....BUT, There are Two Computers Involved, and.....

I actually carry a laptop on our RV trips....a Sony VAIO........(40 gig HD, but I have a quite-nice 250 gig external HD because I do lots of graphics (I'll explain later)....

Duchess has her own HP laptop.......16 by 9 screen....smaller than mine, but great for her games, etc.

I am operating this from at-home and my desktop (I built it from scratch...the last one I built as they are so cheap today as to exclude the reason for building your own!). No brand involved! But I have lots of toys.....from multi-plug USB to scanner (HP Scanjet 4370) to DVD, CD, ZIP 250, etc. I operate a Linksys wireless in the house which we use for three of our 4 operable computers (the laptops and our desktops-one each) I operate this desktop as a direct-connect to the Linksys.

(NOTE: some inquire about our multiple computers......I only listed the ones we are CURRENTLY using!.... I also have a third desktop, and under my desk is an antique which uses the CP/M operating system. Can anyone else out there tell me what the thing is????? I doubt it as it probably predates most of my readers!) Hint: look up the word KayPro and see what you find!

Ya Gotta Love Puters! I do!!!

I will be on the Sony yet today and posting some things to wrap our recent trip.....

Butterflies, Our Cat (C.J.), and Thoughts on our trip and vehicle repairs...

Stand by to receive!


p.s. Duchess has me on a "no-buy-no-computer-without approval" plan....Wonder why?

Unfortunately, I guess, CP/M (and Kaypro) is not unknown to me. I guess that makes me one of your 'older' readers...
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